Shaping your new normal

Understanding personality at work

We are all applied psychologists! Every day we work with people, meet new people, go to shops, bars, restaurants and make judgements about people; and often get it wrong. So why do we need to get it right? Well understanding people in everyday situations helps us to influence, to get our point across in the right way, to better understand and shape decision-making, to motivate and manage people, and deal with conflict and, just as importantly, to understand and manage our own impact on other people. Do some of your colleagues hold back initially and think things through, or ‘think out loud?’ do they like to begin at the beginning or start with the possibilities? Do they exhibit a blunt directness or tactful diplomacy? Do they like to push on and get the job done, or do they prefer a more ‘jump in and see’ approach?  It’s in everyone best interests for people to understand each other so you can have a more harmonious and better performing team. Every team needs a balance, and it is this balance, where we leverage everyone’s strengths, that makes a team far greater than the sum of its parts. However, at times this can lead to misunderstandings and even conflict if we don’t understand why someone is doing things the way they do, and not how you would.

Posted 1 year ago