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Personality profiling to explore strengths and weaknesses, and develop individuals

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Develop the individuals in your team

Everyone brings something different. To learn and develop we first need to understand ourselves, what we contribute, what we’re naturally good at and not so good at. Personality at Work uses personality assessment to give your people helpful insight so that they can build on their strengths and develop their weaknesses. It also explains their personal learning style and gives advice on the best way to learn for them.

Employee development

Managing personalities in the workplace

Personality at work

People are unique. What motivates one person, may not motivate another. The key to managing and developing people is to understand the different personality types in the workplace, and then apply different approaches.

Personality at Work shows you how to manage and get the best out of each person as an individual. How to play to their strengths and keep them motivated.

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An Employee Development assessment includes

  • Online Personality Questionnaire

    Quick, simple and accurate personality questionnaire.
  • Individual personality profiles for your people

    Each of your team gets a detailed personality profile to help them understand themselves.
  • Employee Personality profiles for managers

    A further, in-depth analysis of each person so you get a deeper understanding of what makes them tick.
  • Management profiles

    Comprehensive practical advice on how to manage, motivate and utilise each individual based on their personalities.
  • Personal development plans

    Practical development advice for each person, based on their individual personality, to help them explore and develop their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Guidance on developing employees

    A full set of support materials, video tutorials and tips to provide all the guidance you need to get the best out of your team.
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