Developing people within your organisation is essential for several reasons. Firstly, it stimulates and motivates people. Individuals who understand that their managers are committed to them and their progress within the organisation are more likely to be engaged, grow in confidence and contribute more to the organisation

This in turn means the productivity and the success of your organisation is dramatically increased. Greater employee satisfaction not only amplifies the quality of work, but it also improves staff retention.

“Employees who are engaged, are 27% more likely to be reported as having ‘excellent’ performance by themselves and by their organisations.”


Finding the best approach for each person

Personality At Work for individuals

People are unique. What motivates one person, may not motivate another. The key to developing people is to understand the personalities of your people and then applying different approaches.

Personality at Work empowers and supports you to motivate, manage and get the best out of each person as an individual. Our software will provide you with the skills, resources and data to bring out the best in your people, so that you can help them grow.

What do I get?

  • Individual Personality profiles
    Each of your team gets a detailed profile to help them understand themselves
  • Questionnaire results
    A further, in-depth analysis of each person so you get a deeper understanding of what makes them tick
  • Manager reports
    Comprehensive practical advice on how to manage, motivate and utilise each individual based on their personalities
  • Individual development plans
    Practical development advice for each person, based on their personality, to bring the best out of each individual and create a development plan
  • Online development tracker
    To encourage continuous development, set joint development objectives and visually log achievements for each of your people
  • Guidance on developing people
    A full set of support materials, video tutorials and tips to provide all the guidance you need to get the best out of your team

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