Recruiting new staff is key for any business or organisation. You want to be sure that you’re getting the right person for the role and that they will fit in with your existing team. The risks, time involved in the process and costs are all high, and there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’ll pick the right person.

“85% of HR decision makers admit that their organisation has made a bad decision relating to hiring an employee.”

Recruitment and Employment Confederation

Switching subjectivity for science

Many managers worry about how to interview and struggle with interview techniques. It’s true that the interview process is a subjective experience, with hirers forming strong opinions about a candidate’s personality, suitability and habits from an hour-long meeting. When you consider that many candidates, have learnt how to “play” the interview game, it is no wonder that many businesses and HR leaders later regret their recruitment choice.

The selection process can be greatly enhanced by introducing some science into the equation. Through our online personality assessment and development platform, you can discover the unique experience and personalities of each of your candidates. This will enable you to more objectively understand how each candidate will approach the role, what their unique contribution will be and how they will integrate into the team.

What do I get?

  • Personality Assessment
    Quickly and easily put candidates through an impartial assessment
  • Candidate profiles
    Each candidate will receive an instant personality profile for them to take away
  • Comprehensive data on each candidate
    Download the candidates full personality questionnaire results with analysis
  • Candidate-Specific Interview Packs
    Receive an interview pack providing you with good interview questions, tailored to each person
  • Interview Guidance
    Plenty of resources, tips for interviewing and advice to lead an illuminating interview which will lead to more informed and better recruitment choices

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Why a strong recruitment process is important

“Regardless of whether they get a job offer, applicants who are satisfied with their candidate experience are more than twice as likely to recommend the hiring organisation to others, compared with those who were not satisfied (62% vs 28%).”

IBM 2017

How your organisation conducts recruitment and treats potential employees during the interview process, has a huge implication on how your business is perceived.This initial impression is essential in integrating your newly appointed employee into the team quickly, cohesively and productively.