Team Personalities

Create an interactive profile for you and your team! Understand the group dynamics and what makes the others tick.

What are we like, the personality team map!

Whether you’re a bunch of friends who want to better understand your group, or a work team who are looking to increase your effectiveness, get the full lowdown of your unique dynamics, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as any potential challenges or pinch points. Our trusted team assessments provide these insights and more, giving you a whole new perspective on how to work and play better together.

Step 1

Create your team. In our portal, it takes just a few short minutes, each of your team will be invited to take our personality test.

Free personality test for team building
Free personality test for team building

Step 2

Get to know your team. Each of your team will get a customised individual profile and you’ll all get a team profile that highlights your team's potential strengths and weaknesses, effectiveness, motivation, dynamics, everything to explain why your group works the way it does, and how you could work, or play, together more effectively.

Step 3

Use the results. The team map will help you all understand why you interact like you do, or how to improve how you work together, or get along. This is like a huge mirror held up to your team, to answer: what are we like, and why?

Free personality test for team building

Find out now!

Create your free interactive team map. Invite your friends or colleagues to take part and compare your group’s personalities.