Unleash the power of your team and amplify their

A team can be much more than the sum of its parts when its members truly know and understand each other, allowing them to maximise everyone's contributions.


Colourful world

The Team Colour Map immerses the team in a vibrant world of team understanding.


Dual lens

A dual perspective of Jungian Type and Team Colour Maps allows you to grasp the essence of your whole team.



The Team Maps guide your team towards greater understanding and collaboration.

What is Team Colour Map?

Dive into the vibrant world of the Team Colour Lens! This user-friendly tool adds to your team’s Jungian Type Map by bringing a fresh dimension to understanding your team, throwing a twin spotlight on your team's diverse strengths, potential gaps, balance, and group dynamics. It's like having a magnifying glass for your team's unique composition.

With this dual lens, you'll all truly understand your team's unique makeup. This intuitive and visually engaging tool offers an easy-to-understand breakdown of your team's dynamics, enabling you to utilise the full collective power of your group.

The Team Colour Map combines with the Jungian Type Map, to help create a dynamic environment in which everyone's unique strengths are not only recognised but also fully utilised. Begin your journey of exploration today with the Personality at Work Jungian Type Map and Team Colour Lens, to guide you towards greater understanding and collaboration. Harness your team's potential, together, let's discover how your team can really bring out the best in each other!

How We Do It?

In four easy steps you’ll be able to create your own unique team colour map.


Assess Your Team

Our user-friendly portal makes it a breese to create your team. In just a few minutes, each team member will receive an invitation to take our insightful personality test.


Understand Your Team

Each member gets a personalised profile, and the team gets a colour map, detailing strengths, weaknesses, and dynamics for enhanced collaboration and performance.


Reflect on the Insights

The team profile serves as a mirror, helping your team comprehend its interactions and working style. It answers important questions like, "What is our team like?" and "Why do we function the way we do?"


Implement Improvements

Use the insights from the team map to enhance your team's interactions and work methods. This knowledge equips you with the necessary tools to improve collaboration and foster better relationships within your team.

Why Use Team Colour Map?

Here are a few reasons why


Your employees will begin a journey of self discovery and personal growth with the Team Colour Map. This tool will help you understand the strengths, motivations and areas for development of each of your colleagues. With thought-provoking questions integrated into the report, we guide each individual towards making impactful changes from the very first day.

  • Where am I strong?
  • How can I best contribute?
  • Where am I not so good?
  • How can I make the best of myself?


The Team Colour Map will encourage and promote team learning and understanding, a better awareness of the dynamics within the team. The team will have greater knowledge of each other and how they can better work together, where any potential pinch points might be and, more importantly, what to do about them. Discover the transformational power of understanding others' perspectives in your workplace!

  • What are our collective strengths?
  • Who contributes what?
  • How can we best leverage our strengths?
  • Are there any gaps we have to cover?


The Team Colour Map will empower your teams, create a better understand of the dynamics within each team and so better contribute to the organisational goals. This helps reduce conflicts, promote self-awareness and so create high performing, collaborative teams right across the organisation.

  • Foster individual self-awareness and understanding
  • Create high-performing teams
  • Smooth out group conflicts and friction
  • Create a true learning organisation

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