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Motivated and collaborative teams are more productive

A successful team is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s about working well together and drawing on each individual’s contributions. Personality assessment brings an understanding of the team dynamics at play and can show how to increase effectiveness in the workplace.

Gallup research shows that “Teams with a high employee engagement rate are 21% more productive.”

Team building

Different personalities in the workplace

Personality at work

Everyone is different, and differences are good! Every individual has a unique set of skills and personality which can benefit the team. Through understanding differences you can discuss issues to improve communication, manage conflict, boost performance and it means you can lean on each other’s strengths.

With Personality at Work, the team can begin to understand the dynamics at play, compare individual personalities and learn how to collaborate better as a group.

See an example team map

Unparalleled Insights

Team Map

The team map is an incredible resource, a fully-interactive, visual representation of your team and all the people in it. This means you and the team can see any gaps, any potential areas of conflict or misunderstanding and, more importantly, how to manage these in the best way.

Each of your team can also check out and compare the different contributions of each of their colleagues and how to best interact with each so increasing both self-awareness and awareness of the differences of others. Then you build a high functioning, collaborative team.

View Example Team Map
Personality Questionnaire

A team assessment includes

  • Online Personality Questionnaire

    Team members complete quick and simple personality questionnaire, branded for your organisation.
  • Employee Personality Profiles

    Each of your team will receive an instant, in-depth personality profile to better understand themselves.
  • Interactive Team Map

    Help the whole team explore similarities, differences and relationships using the interactive team map.
  • Improve relationships

    Assess one-to-one relationships; where will you naturally work well where will you have challenges?
  • Team building

    The team learns how to collaborate, adapt, communicate and work better together.
  • Leverage the strengths in the team

    The team will understand and utilize everyone's strengths and maximize their contributions.
  • Conflict Management

    Knowledge and expert advice to identify potential areas of conflict and learn how to best manage and resolve them.
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