Whether you’re looking to set up a new team, integrate new employees into an existing group or perhaps you’re hoping to improve the relationships within your team through team building or team management, there’s no denying that motivated and cohesive teams are more productive.

A high performing team and an engaged team will be more focused on achieving your business’s objectives and contributing to the success of that business.

“Teams with a high employee engagement rate are 21% more productive.”


Building a successful team is about understanding ourselves and each other

Personality At Work from teams

Everyone is different, and differences are good! Every individual has a different set of skills and personality which can be used to form a successful team. Through understanding differences around the team dynamics, you can discuss and resolve issues. This improves communication, performance, collaboration and means you can lean on each other’s strengths.

Profile your team for free

Personality at Work is the platform teams use to work better together. Profile your team for free to understand what makes the others tick, how you can play to each other’s strengths and manage conflict.

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What do I get?

  • Personality Questionnaire
    Link to a dedicated personality questionnaire for your organisation
  • Individual Personality Profiles
    Each of your team will get an in-depth personality profile to better understand themselves
  • Interactive Team Map
    Help the whole team explore similarities, differences and relationships using the interactive team map
  • Improve relationships
    Assess one-to-one relationships; where will you natuarely work well where will you have changles?
  • Improve teamwork
    The team learns how to collaborate, adapt, accommodate and work better together
  • Leverage the strengths in the team
    The team will understand and utilize everyone's strengths and maximize their contributions
  • Reduce Conflict
    Knowledge and expert advice to identify potential areas of conflict and how best manage and to resolve them

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