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Insightful, accurate, practical assessments to hire, inspire, bring out the best in your people and turbocharge your business

Motivated and collaborative teams achieve more

The success of your business is dependent upon the people who work with you. If you have the right people, and they are happy and motivated, their productivity will increase which means so too will the performance of your organisation.

From recruiting more effectively, to team building and team management, to motivating and developing people within your organisation, our cloud-based personality assessment and development system will provide you with insightful information allowing you to make the right decisions for your business.

Personality tests online
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Personality in the workplace

Interview confidently

Personality profile and interview questions specifically tailored for each candidate, plus advice and tips for leading a great interview, and getting it right every time.

Reduce the risk

It’s awful to have those “it’s not working” conversations, so minimise the risk and cost of making the wrong hire.

Interview candidate assessments

Team building

Build your team

Successful teams need a balance, of skills and personalities. Understanding these differences reduces conflict, increases collaboration, improves communication and performance and so the team can leverage each other’s strengths.

Team building
Personality Questionnaire

Employee development

Personality tests online

Develop the individuals

The individuals in your team are unique. What motivates one person, may not motivate another. Personality at Work provides you with the skills, resources and data to bring out the best in each of your team, and to help them grow and develop.

Employee development


Personality Questionnaire

Link to a dedicated personality questionnaire for your organisation

Interactive Team Map

Help the whole team explore similarities, differences and relationships using the interactive team map

Comprehensive data

Download a full analysis of the candidate’s personality questionnaire results so you understand what makes them tick and how they prefer to work


Helpful interview packs with personality-based interview questions to really focus on each candidate’s unique strengths and development areas

Interview Guidance

Plenty of resources, tips for interviewing and advice to help you get the most from the interview and make more informed recruitment choices

Individual Personality Profiles

Each of your team will get an in-depth personality profile to better understand themselves


For team leaders or HR managers in organisations of all sizes to use personality assessment to recruit new people or improve teamwork

$9 per assessment
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Assess candidates for interviews
Online personality questionnaire
In depth candidate personality profile
Personality-based interview questions per candidate
Candidate receives a personality profile instantly
Interview tips, guidance and resources
Assess Individuals and Teams
Online personality questionnaire
Employee personality profile
Interactive Team Map (requires multiple team members)
Team development report (requires multiple team members)
Development profile
Management profile

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