Wow! That is so ‘me,’ now I really understand!

Our personality test will tell you all about YOU, what you’re like, and why you’re like you are, how to play to your strengths and be a better version of you!

What is a Personality Test?

Well, firstly a personality test is not a test like you’ll ‘pass’ or ‘fail,’ there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ personalities, there’s just each of us with all our unique characteristics and ways of doing things, and we all have something to contribute. Using a personality test you can learn in much more detail, all about you as an individual, why some things come more naturally, whilst some things you have to work at, where your strengths are and where you might struggle.

Personality test

What can I learn from taking a Personality Test?


Imagine finding out why you do things a certain way, why you’re like you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you can do about them.


Why do you get on better with some people than with others, what are the common traits, how can you better adapt to different people?


Worse still, what sort of people do you rub up against, what is at play, are there specific personalities, how can you smooth that over?

Team role

In a team, how can you best play to your strengths, what will your unique contribution be, how will that be different from this person or that person?


What are the things that could potentially stress me out, or where I might struggle and, more importantly, what can I do about them?

Work environment

Jobs and careers are like people, they come in all shapes and sizes, but what sort of work environment will bring out the best in me?

What are the 16 Personality Types

Here are the 16 different personalities. Exploring different personality types helps us understand how we are similar, or different to others. This allows us to value and draw on those different strengths and be more accepting of eachother’s foibles. Select a Personality Type to view the profile

What's your Personality Type?

Take the assessment to discover your personality type. What are you like? What are your strengths? What doesn’t come so easily? What careers and work environments will allow you to thrive and be more successful? Find out in 5 minutes!

What are your friends and colleagues’ personality types?

How well do you know each other? Share the test, get your Team Personality Map and find out!