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Not like me

Just like me

I will always stick with it, whatever

I don’t get distracted from my goal

If I start it, I will finish it

I can get distracted by anything new

I find it hard to focus when there’s so much going on

I like to keep my options open

I always assume I will achieve

I learn lots from failures and mistakes

I bounce back easily from setbacks

I struggle to remain positive when it gets tough

I find criticism can demotivate me

Setbacks can knock my confidence

I get motivated by a new challenge

I love to defy the odds

I’m always open to trying new things

New challenges can faze me

I prefer to stick with what I know

I worry I might get it wrong

I can carry on whatever is thrown at me

I am obsessive about not giving up

Obstacles are opportunities

I’m OK if it doesn’t work

I often think it’s not worth the effort

There’s nothing wrong in saying “I can’t”

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