Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard = INFP vs ESTP

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard = INFP vs ESTP

Being psychologists as opposed to lawyers, we can’t comment on the merits of a legal case, nor would we want to. But it is interesting to look at each of their MBTI profiles to get an understanding of how each might view the world, and each other. If we look at a comparison between the two profiles, there are quite stark differences.




Amber, a daring, factual adventurer, rooted in the present, looking for constant action, vs Johnny, a future-oriented, possibility-led dreamer who likes harmony. One is robust, happy-with-conflict as a way to reach a conclusion, vs an individual who seeks harmony and peace and for whom conflict is energy-draining. This is not too, of course, pre-judge the outcome or guilt of either party, it is just interesting to watch those personality profiles play out on our TV screens night after night, in a completely unvarnished and stark way.


We all feel emotional at times, (even those of us who are less emotional) but for some it is more difficult to articulate such things as ‘feelings,’ and we can see this whilst watching each of the two actors recounting what ‘happened’ each from very different, indeed opposite, perspectives, each using the language of ‘S’ or ‘N,’ factual or allusionary, each heart-felt in their pleadings, but seeing the world and the issues from two different planets. ESTPs easily share their thoughts, indeed most people are left in no doubt, but struggle more with sharing feelings as such emotions often don’t really compute. INFPs struggle with being slightly more shy and so often will display their reactions to their feelings, rather than the feelings themselves and so it is like two people speaking different languages trying to persuade a group of people who speak neither language that their cause is the right one. Trying to pick through that would be so difficult as each person will be making it very clear in their own terms, but those adjudicating will have to try and decipher, based on facts which, in an emotionally charged situation, can get lost.


We are not qualified to call this legally of course, but we do know that the ESTP is more action-oriented and more likely to want to immediately jump in and sort things out, whilst an INFP is more thoughtful, prefers harmony but can be quietly, introvertedly stubborn and so, after all the bruising and judgement is over, we suggest on balance the ESTP will probably get over it much more swiftly than the INFP who may feel bruised for a long time, in no small part from having to open up emotionally and let people ‘in,’ which is often uncomfortable for them and takes a while to heal and settle down.


We hope they’re both OK, but it is just interesting to see personality types play out, in such a small theatre, but in front millions of people, pretty much how you’d expect.