Personal Branding: Projecting Authenticity

Personal Branding has become a modern industry

Personal Branding has become a modern industry, and with so much advice being offered sometimes we might just lose sight of that most important attribute: ourselves! Often well meaning advice can be basically suggesting we change our personalities, which we all know is not possible, nor would it be desirable: we are each OK as we are. The Latin root of the word 'education' is 'e-ducato,' which means 'leading out.' So rather than try to be like someone else it is far better to project the best, and most appropriate, version of ourselves, the optimal version of who we are really are inside.

One area where this is most acutely felt is the Jungian Extraversion vs Introversion scale. As Susan Cain points out in her book 'Quiet, the power of introverts' we live in a Western world that primarily values and rewards Extraversion. So introverts are often expected to, if not become extraverts, then at least shuffle a few tentative steps along the continuum or worst still ‘pretend’ to be extraverts. How crazy is this? We need to feel comfortable, and valued, for who we are rather than how well we measure up to the 'ideal.' And whose 'ideal' is it anyway?

We all are aware of Plato's maxim 'Know thyself.' Perhaps we can add to this a modern twist, 'Know thyself and be thyself.' Because despite all our foibles and idiosyncrasies and failings each of us is OK and we are far better at being ourselves than being someone else. 

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Posted 8 months ago by Lee
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