Super-strengths according to personality type

Super-strengths according to personality type

Sometimes, when discussing personality types, we can focus on the negatives, where each type is not so good or needs to develop. Here we thought it might be a good time to celebrate the strengths, the unique contributions that each type makes, what do they bring to the party? Based on your personality type, what do you offer, or as in the title of Isabel Briggs Myers’ book, what are your ‘Gifts Differing?’ Which super hero shares your strengths?


ISTJs, you bring consistency, common sense, structure and will follow through to completion, no stone left unturned, a place for everything and everything in its place. Often underestimated as you’ll quietly just get on with it, never dropping the ball, never letting the side down, picking up all the detail and making it all happen. Serious, individualistic and thorough you are totally loyal and dependable, if something is worth doing, then it is worth doing properly.

Okoye, Black Panther


ISTPs, you are a thoughtful, practical, fixer, built to jump in and get it done, no fuss, no dramas, often unseen as you don’t need the limelight and you’ll be happy to jump out again when it’s all done, fixed, secure and properly. How things work fascinates and comes naturally to you, you get immersed in all the intricacies and mechanics of things, you love a challenge, and you can be forensic on detail, until it gets boring, then you withdraw.

Black Widow


ESTPs, you love the craic, the fun and challenge of everyone coming together and getting stuff done, and right now (who worries about the future when there’s so much to get my teeth in right now?) you don’t really want that long term commitment, you love moving from one interesting, mechanical, practical challenge to the next and it being fun, worthwhile and, once it gets boring, you’ll move on, a new chapter and who knows what it will bring.

Winter Soldier


ESTJs, you do love to plan the work, then work the plan, get everyone clear, gathered up and pointing in the right direction then getting it done, exactly as agreed, to the letter and all tied up on a neat bow, nothing left to chance. Everyone will know what to expect, where they stand and what the goal is, (you do love a goal) and what their part is. You are built for completion but also to make sure everyone else does too, dedicated hardworking and conscientious.



ISFJs, you’re so understated and under the radar yet you see everything, nothing slips past your practical gaze, and it all get stored in the pristine filing cabinets inside your head, quietly so, yet to be brought forth at the right times to fix things, (tasks, problems, people). You are so caring, but your sense of caring has a practical bent and so you’re never effusive, always quiet, seeing everything, doing lots, saying little, then happily slipping back under the radar.

Captain America


ISFPs, you’re so quiet and gentle, difficult to know but you see everything and how it is, and how it should be. Artistically introspective and caring, you say very little but have such a wise counsel when you are called upon to speak up, (you’ll rarely be forthcoming except with those you trust) and can be so helpful offering such a different take on life and the universe. Of the moment, you don’t need to plan you will immerse yourself in the practical joys of ‘now.’



ESFPs, you’re so effusive, fun and caring so of the moment, you want to get involved and help, right now and you’ll drop whatever you’re doing to do that. People-centric and spontaneous, you are so optimistic, great at diffusing tension and bringing positivity and happiness to bear on situations, your motto being, “I’ll make it all ok,” and you do, thinking more of others than you often do about yourself, nothing too much trouble.



ESFJs, you’re so caring and yet very structured, happy to take control and be forthcoming about what’s best for people and supporting them in pushing forward. You like a plan, to be busy and you’ll watch out for people, taking practical care of them. You’ve very organised and driven by a sense of duty and loyalty, you’ll work hard for people, finding out what’s right for them and making it happen, not sitting thinking, always doing.

King T’Chaka


INFJs, boy do you care, and deeply, about that person, those people, the world always looking to make it better. You are so introspective, you think deeply about things and if you’re bought into something, (and you really need to be bought in, stuff for the sake of stuff would not be for you) you’ll work incredibly hard to build something special, based on your deeply held values, quietly but about which you can be crusading if a precious value is transgressed.

Jean Grey


INFPs, you’re so gentle, deep, caring and seeking, (and to be fair bringing about) harmony, you seek peace and a brighter, more optimistic future. Being shy means that you are a little difficult to know, yet when you do engage and step out of the shadow, you are so compassionate and tune into how people are feeling and are capable of real healing for people and bringing everyone in, you are so gluey and collaborative, but quietly so.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch


ENFPs, “Imagine if we could…” is your watchword, possibilities, the new, the creative, the different and with a serious focus on people, bring energy and enthusiasm pulling people together and towards what is better for everyone. Creative, passionate you bring a real sense of team and will help everyone snap out of the doldrums or ‘the way things have always been done around here,’ to how it could be, ‘what are all the possibilities,’ that’s your gift.



ENFJs, boy you care deeply, you want to make it all better for everyone. Future and opportunities focused you can see the potential in people, and you’ll work so hard to support and guide, getting a plan together and using your grit, resilience, commitment and dedication to make amazing things happen for people. You can take the weight of the world on your shoulders; selfless and positive you won’t give up and until everyone is taken care of.

Professor X


INTJs, you are a long-range strategist and planner, connecting all the world of possibilities in your head but then not just thinking, making it happen, big stuff, important stuff, that’s your forte. You’re like Ms/Mr Google, everything is in there and all thought through and joined up, the whole universe connected and made sense of, constantly looking for ‘the answers,’ and superb at seeing what could be, but then relentlessly driving it through to completion.

Doctor Strange


INTPs, you’re Ms/Mr Logic, thoughtful, like a kaleidoscope pulling everything together in your head, coming up with genuinely groundbreaking ideas, but no need to tell everyone, this is for you and your interest. You’re exceptional at problem-solving, but not the boring, obvious ones, the ones that are on the road less travelled and where no one has gone before, you will, you’ll get there, by logic, analysis and sheer brainpower and willpower, nothing will stop you.

Bruce Banner


ENTPs, wow you bring such a different take, such creative energy brough to bear on issues. Never the obvious, always the new and radical, it’s like you’re plugged into the cosmos, you see things others don’t see, ideas, connections, brilliance and you can cajole, persuade anyone round to your thinking, witty and an intellectual debater, you bring it all together, you love the intellectual craic, the interesting, new bits, then it’s onto the next big adventure.

Iron Man


ENTJs, don’t you just love taking charge, jumping in and saying, Caesar-like, that way! And it will all have been thought through, you love the future-oriented, big picture stuff, especially if no one has been there before then you plan and execute relentlessly, nothing getting in your way. You’ll get everyone bought in and, for you to bring all your energy, resilience and planning to bear, it all has to be worthwhile, if it’s easy or been done before? Then, meh, let’s move on!


*Superhero types, Susan Storm, Personality Junkie