Each Type and their Feelings

Sure, there are thinking types and feeling types, we all get that. But what do each of the sixteen types think about feelings, what would they say about feelings? We think there would be some pretty interesting and perhaps even insightful answers, so here goes, let’s ask each of the sixteen types “what does the word ‘feeling’ mean to you?”

istj and their feelings
”I need to think deeply about this as it’s illogical to feel like this, I don’t get it. I’ll take myself off and try to make some practical sense of it all, logically, step-by-step of course.”
isfj and their feelings
”I need to find a practical way to help and support people, I can feel their pain. But I can’t reciprocate, I won’t open up to other people, best to keep to myself or I could get hurt.”
infj and their feelings
”I am a sensitive soul, I truly do tune in and feel how other people are feeling and understand their emotions. But, oh dear, perhaps I don’t understand my own feelings so well.”
intj and their feelings
”Emotions? What are emotions, how are we defining our terms, how could I classify those, what’s the science behind them? Can you explain in a language I would understand?”
istp and their feelings
”I’m a practical being, I love fixing problems, and these ‘feelings’ things, well in fact people in general, humans, don’t conform to laws of physics, I do care but I just don’t get it.”
isfp and their feelings
”I am an intensely passionate and emotional individual, I want to help people express their feelings, but I am so private and introspective, I’m not one to express my own emotions.”
infp and their feelings
”I am very deep and introspective, I can feel people’s pain, I understand, and I want to help, but I am shy and private and would struggle to open up about my own feelings.”
intp and their feelings
”Feelings are irrational and unpredictable so how can I be expected to understand them? Emotions are a waste of time and anyway they could even make me vulnerable.”
estp and their feelings
”Will I be seen as weak if I have feelings? I’ll crack a few jokes and distract myself, and in fact everyone else, no one will know, they’ll never realise, I’ll do something funny or daring.”
esfp and their feelings
”Emotions are the heartbeat of life, it all works at an emotional level, and I just need to jump in and help everyone, we should all be discussing our feelings, yes all the time.”
enfp and their feelings
”I am an emotional being, fully in touch with my own feelings, though those feelings can change in an instant. I will bring support and joy to people, but I can easily get hurt.”
entp and their feelings
”I am great at understanding and helping people with their feelings, provided they get a move on. My own feelings? I don’t really have any so let’s talk about something else now.”
estj and their feelings
”I am a factual person, how will these feelings help me reach my goal, why do people feel the need to be emotional, it’s silly, it’s such a waste of everyone’s time, stick to the facts.”
esfj and their feelings
”I’m very expressive in how I feel, in fact it helps me process and make sense of my own emotions when I speak them out and I’m happy for people to be just as open with me.”
enfj and their feelings
”I will extravert all my ‘feeling’ energy to support those around me, I know I can take all their burdens onto me. Then, I forget about myself, and I become overwhelmed and lost.”
entj and their feelings
”These ‘feeling’ things are just annoying, a hinderance to getting things done, so I will ignore them and crack on, it all works out for people in the end. They should just be like me.”

Posted 1 month ago by Lee
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