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A Day-Off of Kasumi Arimura (2020) | Team Personality Map

A Day-Off of Kasumi Arimura (2020) - TV Show

A Day-Off of Kasumi Arimura (2020) | Team Personality Map


When what was supposed to be a day of principal photography suddenly turns into a day off, how might she spend the time?


Kasumi Arimura suddenly gets a break from filming and returns to her hometown for the first time in a long while. Her mother, Yumiko, comes to the train station to pick her up and they head for the family home…

What they bring to the party
Practical caring, detailed, factual, a planner, sees the downside, notices all the specifics of situations, people-centric uber doer, gets lots done, steady, quiet, methodical, serious, dedicated, deliverer.
Not their forte
More of a behind the scenes type, shy, doesn’t like the limelight, prefers the known, the ‘tried and tested,’ wary of change, sociable but very private, store of knowledge, great memory but not creative.
What they bring to the party
Duty-driven, cooperative, planning, organising, gets things done, factual and specific, conscientious, takes charge, caring, action oriented, tidy up loose ends, hardworking, responsible, value tradition.
Not their forte
Can be controlling in their need to support, can be sensitive to criticism, see things in ‘black and white,’ like to be liked and needed, wants to jump in immediately, not reflective, can resist change.
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