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Behind the Gate (2013) | Team Personality Map

Behind the Gate (2013) - Movie

Behind the Gate (2013) | Team Personality Map



Behind The Gate is the untold story of the Sport of Kings, American Horse Racing. Starring Joe Pesci in his first film in seven years, Oscar De La Hoya, Bob Baffert, Bobby Flay and a number of other celebrities and lovers of the sport. The film follows the careers of two horses, HOME JOURNEY and the famous I'LL HAVE ANOTHER, just as one finishes his career and another ends his. The film features behind the scene interviews, races, controversy and the truth about the longest running sport in American History.

What they bring to the party
Practical problem solver, spontaneous, action oriented, no need to plan, loves a crisis and challenge, unfazed by pressure, great store of facts and knowledge, robust, immerse themselves, cool head.
Not their forte
Planning, steady state, chitchat, terse, economic communication when they’re in the zone, often don’t understand their impact big-picture thinking, anything woolly or emotional, difficult to read, blunt.
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