Forgotten (2022) | Team Personality Map

Forgotten (2022) - Movie

Forgotten (2022) | Team Personality Map


Stay away from the cabin in the woods.


A desperate man kills a mother of twins, takes them to a house in the woods, and locks them up. His madness escalates keeping his dark secret. When a house fire causes a collapse on all of them, the story is buried until a young woman stumbles on the truth.

What they bring to the party
Confident, authoritative, takes charge, outgoing, energy, long range planner, relentless and driven, difficult to budge, big picture, drive for closure quickly, take tough decisions, break with tradition.
Not their forte
Going slow and steady, taking a back seat, not having a strong opinion, confrontational to get it moving, direct to the point of bone-jarring, needs the challenge of something new, need to lead.
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