Leaving on the 15th Spring (2013) | Team Personality Map

Leaving on the 15th Spring (2013) - Movie

Leaving on the 15th Spring (2013) | Team Personality Map



Junior high school student Yuna lives with her father Toshiharu. Her mother Akemi moved to Naha when her older sister entered high school, and Yuna is worried about her father's life after she leaves.

What they bring to the party
Deep and independent thinkers, loves a challenge and complex problems, imaginative, creative, long range planning, future-oriented, logical, detached, curious, high standards, love improving things.
Not their forte
Cool detached thinkers, difficult to read, emotions often don’t ‘compute’ so can appear blunt/harsh, get bored by repetition, needs challenge and stimulation, more big picture than factual, theoretical.
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