PP Krit Lit & Glitter (2023) | Team Personality Map

PP Krit Lit & Glitter (2023) - Movie

PP Krit Lit & Glitter (2023) | Team Personality Map



For the first time, PP KRIT brings his true self to the world with a show full of emotion and authenticity. The stunning production and intimate performances with Mark Prin, Ally, Kik Suwatjanee. PP KRIT’s unique connection with Billkin Putthipong and dynamic performance with Jaylerr and Ice Paris bring a level of energy to this unforgettable show!

What they bring to the party
Caring, serious, driven by deeply held values, wants to change things for the better, perceptive, insightful, independent, up for the cause, ‘big picture,’ creative, idealistic, planning, follow through.
Not their forte
Difficult to know, complex, values-driven so needs to believe in a project or organisation, emotional but rarely show their emotions, intense, sensitive can get offended, can ignore ‘irrelevant’ facts.
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