Ryan Gosling - Hollywoods Halbgott (2018) | Team Personality Map

Ryan Gosling - Hollywoods Halbgott (2018) - Movie

Ryan Gosling - Hollywoods Halbgott (2018) | Team Personality Map



Starting his career in the 1990's, starred in few television series and get parts in movies. But he only gets public and critical acknowledgement in 2011 with three movies : Crazy Stupid Love, Drive, and the Ides of March. Depiction of an actor, less bland than his image let us think.

What they bring to the party
Caring, the ‘glue’ for the team, great at reading situations, genuinely tunes into people, quiet, introspective but at the heart of what’s going on, laid back, flexible, patient, kindly, creative, artistic.
Not their forte
Dislike conflict or fast-paced environments with no time to reflect, don’t like to upset people so may passively agree, difficult to know, behind the scenes, not a planner or organised, lives for the moment.
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