The Second Tape (2023) | Team Personality Map

The Second Tape (2023) - Movie

The Second Tape (2023) | Team Personality Map


The tape that changed the history of a country


On February 23, 1981, Spain experienced a major coup d'état that shook the country to its foundations. In the midst of the chaos, rumors surfaced that King Juan Carlos I had recorded two speeches: one in case the coup succeeded and one in case it failed. 'The Second Tape' is a 17-minute short film that delves into this conspiracy, following the entire recording process and decisions made during the critical hours.

What they bring to the party
Creating and maintaining harmony, intensely caring, loyal, dutiful, sensitive, empathetic, insightful, future-oriented, optimistic, positive, prefer possibilities to facts, quietly supportive, values-driven.
Not their forte
Shy so not the centre of attention, complex and difficult to know, can want to maintain harmony at all costs, need meaning in tasks, not detailed or a planner, looks forward rather then ‘here and now.’
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