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Why assess candidates for interviews?

Recruiting new staff is key for any organisation. You want to be sure that you’re getting the right person for the role and that they will fit in with your existing team. It’s difficult to make an objective assessment, and ‘gut feel’ or ‘the chemistry just felt right,’ so often lets us down.

Adding personality testing to your interview process brings data and objectivity, to help you evaluate candidates more accurately and be confident in your recruitment decisions.

Personality at work

Tips for Interviewing

Personality testing

At Personality at Work we believe there’s no best interview question, just ones that help you and the candidate make the right choice. So for each candidate, you’ll have a bespoke interview pack, with personality-based interview questions tailored to the candidate’s personality type. Plus you’ll receive advice and tips for leading a great interview.

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Candidate Assessments include

  • Online Personality Questionnaire

    Quickly and easily put candidates through an impartial personality assessment.
  • Candidate profiles

    Each candidate will receive an instant in-depth personality profile.
  • Comprehensive data on each candidate

    Download a full analysis of the candidate’s personality questionnaire results so you understand what makes them tick and how they prefer to work.
  • Candidate-Specific Interview Packs

    Helpful interview packs with personality-based interview questions to really focus on each candidate’s unique strengths and development areas.
  • Interview Guidance

    Plenty of resources, tips for interviewing, tips for assessing candidates, and advice to help you get the most from the interview and recruit with confidence.
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